Anglia’s management is experienced in MBO/MBI projects and is an active player in originating and supporting investment led acquisitions.  We have a track record of success and have helped generate significant value. 

We can source potential acquisition targets across a number of sectors including FMCG/Food, Engineering and Service Industries.

Our contacts enable us to put suitable finance packages in place to coordinate project and management teams.  The right funding structure is key to satisfy all participants – the vendor, the funders and the management team.

We can support the acquisition and provide business planning models and packages for legal work, due diligence and financial compliance, including tax planning.

We are also investors where appropriate - our range of target enterprise values is usually 10m to 100m.

The key is to find the right project and pay the right price, put together a balanced management team and leader and structure the most appropriate funding – Anglia can coordinate this whole process.

We work with corporate and proprietorial owners wishing to sell, management teams looking for a project and funders looking to invest in the right project.

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