Management Services

Pivot has been operating in this sector since 1990 and we have a database of highly qualified senior executives capable of covering positions on a temporary/interim basis.

Often organisations find themselves in need of immediate and effective cover for a particular reason - either unexpected vacancy, planned exit of departmental head before a replacement is appointed or a project focused task for investment programmes or even closure. The brief may include performance improvement or change management which can be completed more efficiently by an "outside" short term appointment.

We cover Board level positions – Chairman, CEO or Financial Director or Functional Director/Senior Management Positions.

Our candidates are all ‘heavyweights’ in their field and can ‘hit the ground running’ to make fast impact and with the focus to deliver immediate benefits.  Communication and interpersonal skills are paramount in such positions and this is an important profile for such candidates.

Terms are usually on a daily rate basis and there is no employment cost liabilities on the client companies and no notice period constrictions.

Interim management is a clear, easy and effective way of filling temporary roles and delivering extraordinary performance gains.

We can discuss potential requirements with no obligation and provide a range of candidates to suit most tasks, roles and industrial sector specialisms.


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